The Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) is a Chinese OEM which established in 2008 in Shanghai.

We’ve work successfully with them across Aerospace, Aviation and Innovation for the last 10 years – and they’ve now invited us to widen our connections together by securing a Full Flight Sim Data Package Development (FFSDPD) Expert

If you have a strong employment record – and you know your expertise with any of the world’s major OEMs (or similar) will deliver senior FFSDPD knowledge, experience and willingness to Train others in Shanghai – we’d like to have a conversation with you

COMAC’s goal is to connect with the best; someone who will bring in knowledge, wisdom and expertise

Principal Reporting

To the Director of Flight Management

Job Overview

  • You will competently, effectively and intelligently support the Director of Flight Management in Full Flight Sim Data Package Development; Train on Content, Procedure, Performance and Quality – and deliver Technical Support throughout Certification processes
  • COMAC’s new FFSDPD will also need to understand/learn the regulations necessary in building training devices from the FAA, EASA and the CAAC – and to then organize and control the configuration of the Data Packages for each COMAC Aircraft Variant
  • A Team of Engineers are currently working on the ARJ21 Regional and C919 Single Aisle Aircraft
  • Flight Test Data is collected from the actual Aircraft
  • Aircraft Data is also collected from Research & Design and all the Vendors of the actual Aircraft parts (eg Rockwell Collins, Honeywell & Eaton)
  • You’ll need to learn (or already know) what data is required from those sources to enable a Simulator Manufacturer to build the actual FFS.
  • There is regular communication with everyone involved across the entire function
  • COMAC plans future delivery of an Aircraft Data Package in Simulators equal to other household name OEMs

Required Experience

  • FFS Data Package Development such as Performance and Quality Model Checkout and Validation
  • SIMD Certification
  • Be able to train related people on content, development and procedures of Full Flight Sim Data Packages and Certification
  • Provide Technical Support during EASA certification

Who Will COMAC Hire?

  • You are at the top of your game in FFS Data Package Development
  • Your core expertise is in Data Package Development Performance, Quality Model Checkout and Validation – and ideally Aviation Authority Certification
  • You are expert at developing and delivering Full Flight Sim Data Packages
  • You know how to Train others well
  • You have technical support experience at Aviation Authority Certification level
  • You’ve worked with at least one world first-class OEM or Simulator Manufacturer – or similar
  • You are able to provide verifiable first-class stable work References/Referees if needed

Working Attitude and Other Characteristics

  • Strictly abide by work standards
  • Actively take the initiative to complete work
  • Promote and enhance work rationalization; improve efficiencies
  • Be conscientious, dare to take responsibility and have a spirit of cooperation
  • Have a strong learning acuity
  • Adapt to the intercultural communication environment in China
  • Have a strong strategic thinking ability, always able to focus on the project needs, from the global and long-term point of view, to scientifically plan the objectives of the project work
  • Have strong overall leadership ability, be able to serve cooperation decision making and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the project
  • Deliver a solid professional ability, familiar with cooperation and project management, and have high policy level and strong organization and coordination ability
  • Hold a high level of self-awareness, passion for the business, perseverance, courage to take on responsibility – with the spirit of dedication
  • Be proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing.  At the same time, it is preferable to use French or Chinese as a working language
  • You should have excellent communication and multi-tasking skills

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