Samtech Aviation is looking for Flight Simulator Technician III for the Sanford,Fl area

Summary of duties and responsibilities: Position provides technical support services required to maintain flight simulators and other related training devices to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 14 CFR Part 60 and PAIFA’s Simulator Quality Management System (SQMS) standards.

Responsibilities include providing daily readiness, preventive and corrective hardware/software maintenance, and fault diagnosis on training devices and related equipment.

Primary duties and responsibilities:

1. Provide hardware and software analytical diagnosis and corrective maintenance on simulators and associated training media.

2. Performs and/or installs configuration changes, upgrades, or other modifications of equipment and resolves complex technical problems.

3. Proficient in executing simulator diagnostics and QTG tests to assess and monitor simulator performance.

4. Provide expertise in the repair of major assembly to the component level if required.

5. Accomplish in-depth expert support in all associated systems or sub-systems related to a specific simulator manufacturer type.

6. Assists in training less experienced personnel in their skill development.

7. Performs other related duties and assignments as required.

Responsibility for work and/or training of others: Will be required to conduct “on-the-job” training for others on the technical staff. Position may be required to conduct familiarization training for others. Act as duty shift supervisor for short assignments or when shift coverage requirements dictate.

Direction / Supervision Received

Primarily receives tasks and priorities for work assignments from the shift supervisor or site manager. Knowledge/Skills:

1. Expert working knowledge of aircraft systems and operations applicable to simulation, avionics and aircraft systems.

2. Possess complete understanding of applicable FAA and SQMS technical standards for flight simulators and other training devices.

3. Advanced knowledge of electronics and demonstrated ability to apply hardware/software diagnostic skills in systematically isolating and resolving simulator discrepancies.

4. Develops and demonstrates broad technical capabilities in all aspects of simulator systems to include computer systems and networks, visual systems, I/O, and hydraulics/motion/flight controls. 5. Demonstrated ability to assist customers in operation of simulators and instructor station operation.

6. Fully competent in conducting simulator preflights and preparation of training devices for customer training.

Education/Training 1.

2 Year Technical Degree in Electronics Technology or related field and/or related experience.

2. Completion of training program(s) on specialized training in a flight simulation related field

3. Completion of aircraft ground schools and assigned internal training program

Work Experience: 5 to 8 years in providing technical support on flight simulators or related equipment

Physical environment/working conditions: Work conditions include exposure to heavy machinery and computer/office environments. Physical environment will include working with hazardous materials such as hydraulic fluids and solvents. Additional requirements would include the ability to lift up to 50 lbs., sitting, standing, bending, stooping, or working in an elevated condition.

Equipment/machinery used: Complete knowledge of each type of simulator system and sub-systems. General operational knowledge of office equipment such as facsimile, copier, personal computer, etc.

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